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Britta Heubeck 

Bespoke Optimum Nutrition


Supporting and empowering you on your way to optimum health and well-being

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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy is a science based approach in which food and it’s properties are used to support the bodies natural healing, maintaining and disease preventing mechanisms. It can be used to promote optimum health, well-being, mental clarity and performance. 

As Nutritional Therapists we follow an integrative approach and look at a person as a whole, not just an isolated set of symptoms. This enables us to address long standing chronic conditions and acute symptoms; as well as implementing preventative measures to one’s individual needs in the increasingly demanding environment we live in.

Who benefits from Nutritional Therapy?

Suitable for everyone, Nutritional Therapy can support those with fatigue and sleeping problems, stress management and gut disorders, skin trouble and chronic health issues, sustainable weight management and hormonal imbalances. As well as those who are seeking preventative measures and healthy ageing considerations. 

We are all unique and therefore have individual and diverse nutritional requirements. What may benefit one person may be ineffective or even damaging to another. This is why a bespoke personalised approach by a qualified practitioner is essential to achieve the optimum level of health, energy and well-being. 

Start today to reclaim your optimum health, energy, performance and best quality of life! 

Please get in touch for a free 15 minute telephone conversation to see if Nutritional Therapy is right for you.

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About me

From an early age I developed an interest and passion in healthy eating; believing that the food you put into your body has a strong affect on your health, well-being, mind and  quality of life. 

Having been through health challenges myself, and being able to support the healing process with a nutritional approach, it came naturally to dive deeper into the subject to widen my knowledge, in order to apply these methods to my family, myself as well as to help others in the same way. 

I enrolled at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine for a 3 year Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy degree. The course incorporated biomedicine, human anatomy, physiology, pathology and biochemistry. It applied nutritional science and clinical skills and required a further 2 years of supervised clinical practice prior to qualifying.

I am fully insured and registered with professional body BANT and the CNHC, which ensures the highest standards of competence and professional practice.

To continually expand and deepen my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest research, I attend regular CPD training with established health institutes, laboratories and nutritional seminars.

Believing the approach to nutrition and food needs to be enjoyable, feasible and bespoke, I am concentrating on making realistic long term changes focusing on the enjoyment of food and nutrition, rather than applying restrictions and rules. 

Dedicated to helping my clients feel their absolute best, I am here to help you. Assessing your individual needs and goals; providing you with a tailored and bespoke plan to support, educate and empower you on your way to optimum health, well-being and best quality of life.

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How does it work?

My approach and consultations

Prior to our one on one initial consultation, I will ask you to fill out a detailed health questionnaire and a 5 day food diary. 

Initial consultations will be one and half hours, in which we will go through this information, as well as any recent blood or lab tests. We will discuss presenting symptoms and conditions that you are experiencing, as well as health and well-being goals that you would like to achieve. 

We will discuss food and nutrition preferences as well as lifestyle and emotional factors; to give me a comprehensive picture of your current health and well-being, thus allowing me to recognise underlying causes and factors that might be driving or creating your symptoms and conditions, or presenting obstacles in achieving your goals.

Once we connect all the dots and assess your individual needs, I will create a detailed, tailored nutrition plan with some possible lifestyle suggestions. In addition, fact sheets and informational material, to support your body’s natural healing process and optimise body functions and systems that need attention. 

My plans are personalised to your individual needs, preferences and eating habits, with the aim to support you to implement any required changes in a manageable, achievable and sustainable way to find food and nutrition that work for you and your lifestyle. 

Your follow up appointment will take place any time between three and five weeks after and will last about an hour, in which we will go through your progress, address any questions that arose, revise and adjust your previous plan accordingly and focus on ways going forward. 

Your bespoke nutrition plan will be focusing on food but may include short term use of supplements if symptoms or lab test suggest necessary. 

Further functional testing may also be recommended. 

Never recommending nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice, I may have to refer any client with concerning signs or symptoms to their medical professional. I often work alongside the medical profession and will communicate with any medical consultants that the client may be currently working with.

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I can support you in the following areas:

Hormonal health
Female health (fertility, pregnancy, PMS, PCOS, menopause etc.) 
Sustainable weight loss + weight management 
Immune System Support + Optimisation 
Autoimmune conditions (Hashimoto's, Arthritis, MS etc.) 
Post Viral Recovery 
Energy + fatigue
Gastrointestinal disorders (IBD, IBS, Crohn’s etc.)
Stress + mood + sleep support
General health + well-being 
Skin health + healthy ageing 
Allergies + Intolerances
Cardio-metabolic health (high cholesterol/blood pressure + insulin resistance)
Muscle + joint health 
Sports Nutrition
Childhood + teenage nutrition 
Nutrition support for the elderly
Proactive approach to future health + age related health concerns


Empowering you to reach your full health and well-being potential

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Initial consultation 90 min

  • Detailed case taking

  • Assessment of your 5 day diet diary

  • Assessment of medical history and current medications

  • Indepth evidence based research

  • Personalised naturopathic nutrition plan

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Recipe ideas

  • Fact sheets

  • Personalised supplementation advice

  • Any additional functional tests if required: cost not included


Follow up appointment 50-60 min

  • Ongoing review and assessment of your health goals and progress

  • Updated assessment of current food and lifestyle habits, challenges

  • Assessment of any new symptoms

  • Review research and updated naturopathic plan

  • Evaluation of any new laboratory test results (if applicable)

  • Updated written health report with new food and lifestyle priorities, including supplement adjustments

  • Referral letter and testing options (if applicable)

  • Further recipes and factsheets  


3 / 6 month

  • 1 Initial consultation

  • 3/6 follow-up consultations 

  • Plus 4/6 hours zoom/phone calls with me over the 3/6 months period.

  •  I am available Monday to Friday to talk with you about any motivation techniques or any questions you may have along your journey. I suggest 20 minutes weekly or 40 minutes fortnightly.

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Corporate Health

In today’s increasingly high-stress, fast pace, time intensive work environment, finding ways to help employees stay healthy, happy and dedicated is a challenge for large as well as smaller companies. 

Nutrition plays a crucial role, not only in their physical health but also in their mental well-being and performance.

Actively educating and encouraging staff to optimise their nutrition has shown to

  • Decrease stress levels among staff

  • Improve team morale

  • Reduce staff absence, sickness and work place accidents 

  • Increase work output and productivity by as much as 60% 

I can support you and your team with educative empowering presentations as well as bespoke personalised consultations for individuals or team building nutrition programmes. 

Please contact me directly for more information. 

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Take advantage of a free 15 minute call to see if Nutritional Therapy is right for you

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